March 5, 2012

A Weekend Surprise

This weekend took a surprising turn as Saturday was my bridal shower!

I will be honest and say I was moderately surprised. I had an idea that it was this weekend, just from all of the suspicious behaviour going on around me, but I was sure it would be Sunday. When the boy told me we had a wedding appointment on Saturday and had to dress up for it I didn't even blink. Then I started to over think it and got more suspicious and decided that I would wear my shower dress just in case. By the time my mom called me on Saturday afternoon and told me I had to go pick up my sick grandmother I had it pretty much figured out.

Either way, my beautiful bridesmaids worked tirelessly for months to plan me the perfect shower and it definitely showed.

The day was amazing! Filled with 40+ of my favourite woman. I (hopefully!) got to have at least a short conversation with everyone there and I was adequately spoiled.

My bestest (and MOH) and I

My beautiful mama and sister

I think the pictures speak louder than words. It was such an amazing day, that made me feel so loved. A huge thank you to my awesome bridesmaids. I know it couldn't have been easy and I really appreciate it.

Sunday was spent recovering, finding the perfect thank you cards and attempting to write them.

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