March 8, 2012

Wedding Check in

I can't believe it is already April!! Time is literally FLYING and before I know it I'm going to be at the back of the church waiting for the doors to open so I can meet my brand new husband!

I have skipped quite a few Wedding Wednesdays, and I have lots to talk about, so I figured today I would show you how I did on my March wedding list.

*Bridal Party Gifts: I AM working on it. In fact, I'm going out tonight to make some progress

* Find a Card Box: I did find one, but I need the boy to help me make it. Maybe I will make this one a goal for this week.

* Find perfect hair pieces for MOH and Flower Girls: Still haven't bought the MOH's, still haven't found the girls.

* Find cake serving set: Yes! I used a gift card I got for my shower and picked up a few small essentials. Now I need to get it engraved

* Get Favours filled and wrapped: I did pick them up, and I do have a whole blog post dedicated to how much I love them planned. Candy should be purchased this week and the wrapping will begin!

* Find a Cake Topper: Yup. It's not the one I said I found last month, because in reality that one was FAR too expensive. I actually let the boy pick it as I was standing in front of a million tiny toppers and found it impossible to make a decision. If I didn't let him pick we would probably still be standing there.

* Find a rehearsal dinner dress: I beat the odds and wore my dress to my amazing SURPRISE shower. So now I need to find another dress for the rehearsal dinner.

* Frame my engagement photo: Nope. It's huge and I don't know what I want to do with it yet...

* Find Flower Girl Baskets: Yup. They are adorable and will match their dresses perfectly. Another gift card purchase.

* Decide what to give Chris: I'm working on it. I now have ideas which is a start....right?

* Write Speeches: Again, I'm working on it.

* Work on Slideshow: It's not finished but all the photo's have been scanned and it has a beginning.

* Get marriage License: Nope. This is an absolute MUST for this month.

* Set Ceremony: We have a work in progress.

* Find clips for my hair: Nope. These little clips are proving to be impossible to find. I think I may have to start searching the internet.

* Meet with the DJ: Nope. I haven't even e-mailed him. This is another must

* Find and Print Favour tags: I actually made them and it turned out to be a very successful DIY project. Now I just need to have them printed and I'm ready to go!

* Start Seating Chart: I am so glad I decided to start this as responses are slowly trickling in. It's not easy, and people get moved quite often so I am glad that I will at least have a draft two weeks before the wedding.

* Book room for the Wedding Night: Yup. We now have a place to sleep!

* Get on Honeymoon Planning: We have a game plan and anyone who knows me knows how important a game plan is. We also found the hotel and plan on booking in the coming weeks, so I would say we have made a dent in this!

April's List:

*Go to My Bachelorette: I have been waiting for this for months. The most important ladies in my life will be coming with me to a chalet for the weekend. I can't wait! I am so looking forward to a stress free weekend spend catching up and taking a well needed break from the craziness of wedding planning.

*Get Everything Printed, Organized and Ready to Go: I have lots of DIY paper projects that need to be printed and organized so that they are easy to set up the day before the wedding

*Finish the Bridal Party Gifts: Ambitious, I know, but it NEEDS to get done. This is something I absolutely cannot leave until the last minute.

*Set Day of Itinerary: Like I said, game plans are important. I need to have one on my wedding day and everyone needs to know it. I REFUSE to be running late.

*Wrap Favours: I do not want to do this in May so it needs to get done this month.

I am actually in fairly good shape. Most of the things that are left are little, so if they get done great, if not oh well. We will see how it all goes!

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