March 8, 2012

Thoughts on Thursday

- It's almost the weekend!

- This wedding is taking over my room. I'm buried in shower gifts, and shower balloons, and small wedding details. I think by the time May comes around I'm not going to have a place to sleep.

- There are some HUGE changes coming this year (besides the obvious getting married and moving out...) that have me feeling extremely conflicted emotionally.

- I am so unbelievably out of shape it isn't even funny

- I thought this exercise thing was supposed to get easier with time

- I love, love, LOVE getting wedding responses in the mail. It has pretty much become the highlight of my day.

- I'm looking for some new quick, easy and relatively healthy meals that can preferably be made in the slow cooker. Any suggestions???

- I'm also looking for some new blogs to follow. I have found the a lot of my staples have stopped posting completely, and I can't survive a day at work without reading blogs. Who are some of your favourites??

- My poor puppy is sick! Chris is home with him today, and I'm very worried at work.

- Thank you cards are exhausting! I'm about halfway through and I have been writing them every night since Sunday. I'm not looking forward to doing over 80 of these after the wedding.

- Chris and I have a bit of a road trip planned this weekend and I'm very excited

That's it for today. Happy Thursday!!!

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Nicole said...

hahahaha that cracks me up... about the work day and blogs :)... shhh I feel the same way!