June 20, 2011


While on a dinner and movie date with Andrea and John, one of our favourite couples, Andrea casually asks me what I have planned for June 11th because she bought me tickets to Glee as my graduation present.

I did have plans that involved my sisters dance recital but there was NO way I was missing Glee. Thankfully it worked out that the recital was in the afternoon and the concert was in the evening, making for a very long but doable day.

Before I give my review of the Glee concert, we need to keep in mind that I did see NKOTBSB just two days before, and that concert literally blew me away. I say again - A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

To start, Glee wasn't horrible (that sounds really bad). They did all of their big songs (Don't Stop Believing, Loser Like Me, Somebody to Love) but I think after NKOTBSB it just didn't hold up as strongly for me. First of all the show was JUST over an hour. I go to a lot of concerts, and I haven't been to one in at least five years that was less then two hours....until now. This was a big problem for me. The tickets were $90.00 and there are at least 10 prominent people involved with the tour! I paid $65.00 for NKOTBSB and I got an extra hour!

I have basically decided that seeing NKOTBSB first left me open to be biased for Glee, causing me to compare it to a show that was just not in the same league. My overall opinion is that I would go and see NKOTBSB again (obviously considering the fact that I already have tickets for August) whereas I'm happy that I got the experience to go to Glee, but I would not pay money to go again.

This being said I did take a million pictures, which I of course have to share. Enjoy!

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