June 15, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Photographer!

Finding the photographer was the hardest part of my wedding planning process so far.

I feel like, next to the church and my dress, this is the most important part. The photo's that my photographer takes on that day are the only keepsakes that I am going to have to help me remember it, so I obviously I wanted someone trustworthy.

We searched through SO many photographers and none of them fit. I liked the idea of going with an independent company just because I felt it would be a more intimate relationship and we would be working with someone who actually knew us, rather than just being a part of a mass of people. This being said, I was finding that all of these nice, small, independent photographers were either not offering what I was looking for, or were for a good $2000.00 over my pretty strict budget.

So we took our search to bigger companies, where I was worried about becoming lost in a crowd, and still wasn't finding a photographer that offered exactly what I was looking for, for the right price.

Then Chris randomly stumbled across Piper Studios.

I will admit that I was not one hundred percent sure about them at first but as we saw more and more photographers and got more and more discouraged, I became more and more open minded. Then I met with them at the wedding show, and saw the "wedding show package" which offered everything I was looking for at the perfect price.

We set up a meeting where I got to see their beautiful work and I was hooked. Chris managed to get us the show price without booking the required videography, got them to absorb the tax and throw in additional prints. Can you say happy bride?

The next step is to organize our engagement shoot where we will meet with our photographer. I cannot wait to see what they do!

So relieved to have this major detail checked off of my list!

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Jennifer said...

The photographer is definitely VERY important! We do not have a professional photo of our kiss when we were pronounced husband and wife...can you believe that crap!?? It was taken from the back of my head!!!!