June 22, 2011


I posted yesterday about my amazing graduation present and I realized that I never actually talked about graduation.

It's Official! The lack of a diploma is due to the fact that York refuses to give you your diploma on stage. Instead they make you return the robe and then pick it up in some random room.

I will admit that I didn't want to go to convocation. I find them so long and tedious, especially in post secondary where there are a million people graduating. But Chris was insistent that it was important and that he really wanted me to go, so I sucked it up.

We had to get there two hours early and when I lined up to pick up my robes I found out that I was number 796, meaning that 795 people were graduating in front of me. At this point I pulled out my cell and promptly informed Chris that this day was going to be torture.

This being said, I will also admit that it actually wasn't that bad. They moved quickly and I would guess that it was all over within an hour and a half. I'm also glad Chris talked me into going. It was fun seeing everyone again, and celebrating the fact that we worked hard for four years and accomplished something.

Grandma and I

With the Parents. Note the Diploma (I returned the robe!) Also note the dress that I dragged the bestest out to find the DAY before convocation. What? I work better under pressure!

Beautiful Graduation flowers from Chris


Pinkbilly said...

Woot! No more essays :) Aren't you excited?!

Alexis Kaye said...

congrats on graduating! And on your upcoming marriage! Marriage is the bomb!

Leanne said...


And yes, VERY excited about the lack of essays