June 21, 2011

Wedding Wednesday's: The Perfect Shoes

While researching and writing this post on my dream wedding shoes, I stumbled across these:

What can be said other than love at first sight?

Unfortunately I don't have unlimited funds, so I quietly scolded myself for being a tease and moved on.....kind of.

I will admit I showed them to everyone, including my fiance, and had slight plans that involved begging everyone for monetary gifts for every occasion from now until I had enough to own them. Like I said, it was love, and there is no stopping it.

Fortunately, because I have an amazing fiance, this wasn't necessary.

I was dealing with some major wedding drama last week. So Chris to let me in on my Graduation present, even though they are still on their way. What was it? MY SHOES! The exact shoes that I have been drooling over for three months now (did I really show them to him THAT much?!?!) I guess I can never claim that he doesn't listen.

I am SO excited and I cannot wait until they get here (expect another post with pictures from my camera).

Even with all of the drama, looking at my dress and these shoes makes me so excited because I know that in 340 days (just saying!) I will be wearing them and walking down the aisle to the man I have loved since I was 16.

That makes all of the planning, drama and aggravation worth it.

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Jennifer said...

Oh wow, that is awesome that you get to have those gorgeous CL shoes! What a great fiance!