December 4, 2009

Random Fact Friday

Two posts in two days! Its amazing what procrastination does to me!

Anyways I've decided to start this little Friday tradition. It's going to center around random facts about me, because there are a lot. It also will have nothing to do with the wedding (which I'm sure your all sick of) and will promote me to post at least once a week. It may also result in me embarrassing myself, and you all leaving me because you consider me a freak. But I guess I will take my chances!

So my random fact for today: I'm hopelessly afraid of Cotton Candy. No I'm not kidding. I literally run away from it. My friends make fun of me. And before you all ask, no I do not think it will harm me or anything along those lines.

It just doesn't look natural to me. It's fluffy, and colourful and it looks like a big gigantic cotton ball that has been used to take off pink or blue nail polish (yes I have thought about this often).

It just isn't right. And I don't care how good it is, I can't convince myself to eat it.


canuckitude said...

I'll never understand this... Do you remember when you first showed signs of this phobia? lol As a kid I used to LOVE getting Cotton Candy at the Exhibition or at other special events!

This is a pretty neat idea, I've seen these kind of weekly things on other blogs... There is also "This is my Life Thursdays" or something like that. *SHRUG*

I may try this Random Fact one though

Pinkbilly said...

When my sister and I went to Buffalo over the weekend, we had dinner at T.G.I Fridays. They actually have a cotton candy alcoholic beverage. Its a cosmopolitan poured over cotton candy and put into your glass. I thought of you when I saw that :)