December 3, 2009

Best of 2009

So I just worked an 8 hour day and then came home and put in a good 5 hours of homework. I'm tired and deserve a break.

I saw this challenge on Ella's blog over at Here.There.Everywhere and thought it could be fun, so I'm going to try it! I'm also going to warn (like she did) that I can't promise to blog everyday (I'm a busy girl!) but I will answer all of the questions even if I need to join some of them into one post.

So here goes!

December 1st: Trip. What was your best trip in 2009?

C and I don't really go on MAJOR vacations, but rather go on several mini trips throughout the year to local areas around us. My favourite trip from this year would have to be the one we took to Toronto at the end of January. This was fairly easy to narrow down not only because C had an action planned weekend set up, which included a Raptors game, Jersey Boy tickets, shopping and skating at Nathan Philips Square, but also because it was the weekend her proposed. The fact alone makes it the best trip of 2009, hands down.

December 2nd: Restaurant Moment: Share the best restaurant experience that you've had this year. Who was there? What made it amazing? What taste stands out in your mind?

hmmm....this one is tough. I eat out a lot, with many different people, it's hard to narrow down one specific restaurant outing. Being forced to do so I guess I would have to go with The Old Spaghetti Factory downtown. This restaurant is amazing and I look forward to it every time we go, which isn't often. I was actually sick this year and still managed to force food down just because I wouldn't forgive myself if I missed it! We typically go about once a year, around our birthday's (mine is the 28th of August and C's is the 31st) with C's family. This is something I anticipate as the date gets closer and closer. He has a smaller family than I do, so the meal is less chaotic, and it's nice to spend time with his parents and sister. And have I mentioned that the food is Amazing! I have been going here for a very long time (longer than I can remember actually) and the food still floors me. The Old Spaghetti Factory has not conformed with our generations fascination with "fast food" and instead takes there time ensuring that they provide a quality meal. I recommend the Lasagna (it's huge but it is SO good) and definitely get extra bread (it's free and you won't get better anywhere else!) I think I have adequately made my point!

December 3rd: Article: What is an article that you read that blew you away? That you shared with all your friends. That you delicious'd and reference throughout the year.

This is even more difficult! These people are making me think! I can't say I read a lot of articles. I prefer books. I do read articles for school, but half of them don't keep my attention for longer than a page. I guess I would go with an article that I read a couple of months ago in my local papers that was about some schools wanting to band "To Kill a Mockingbird from their curriculum due to it's content. This article did blow me away, but I wouldn't say it was a good thing. "To Kill A Mockingbird" is one of my favourite novels of all time (not just highschool) and I can't imagine the justification for banning it. The article also stands out because the author shed no light on the topic, did not offer his opinion and rather remained neutral about a topic that I believe demands much more attention. This is becoming a rather large issue in our culture specifically with books. I mean people wanted to ban Harry Potter because they believed it promoted witch craft?!? The article made me realize that if protests like this continue, some of the best literature of the past is going to become extinct. That isn't a thought I like.

ANNNDD Because its past Midnight, I'm going to get ahead of myself and do the next one

December 4th: What book - Fiction or Non - touched you? Where were you when you read it? Have you bought and given away multiple copies?

Wow, this isn't an easy question. I'm going to begin with stating that I think all books touch us on some level, isn't that why we read them? I'm going to name several because I can't decide. For school first year we had to do a unit on the Holocaust, and in it read "The White Rose" by Inge Scholl, which covers the journey of Sophie and Hans Scholl, who were involved (and led) the White Rose Movement, a group that attempted to stand up to Hitler and his policy's and both of which met there ends fighting for the cause. The book is graphic, and describes in detail the methods of their deaths and the heartbreak of those that loved them. There is no reason to explain why a book like this is touching. Along the same lines, I also had to read for a Children Lit class, "The Devil's Arithmetic" which is based on the same subject matter, but aimed for a child audience. This book didn't touch me as much as disturb me. It was also graphic, and in fact gave a detailed description of some of the main characters walking into a gas chamber. This book bothered and upset me, I can't imagine reading it to my child. Finally, on a more pleasant note, I also felt quite touched by "The Time Traveler's Wife." It's obviously not a dramatic or serious as the first two, but I thought it was a beautiful yet heartbreaking love story mixed together, something that makes you laugh and cry, which I think all books should do.


canuckitude said...

This looks like fun, but after reading the survey questions, I dunno... Doesn't strike me as something I'd like to do. I may just make a post one day with a bunch of the questions I liked... I dunno, I'll probably end up taking up the challenge on like Dec. 15th and backtracking on the first two weeks of the month lol...

As for your answers so far, I agree with #1 and 2. Another trip that was fun was the cottage this year.

And Spaghetti Factory is amazing... We ended up going a couple times this year. We went the last day in Toronto the weekend we got engaged.

I don't get why you like crappy high school literature. You even like Death of a Salesmen... WTF is wrong with you?! :P

Pinkbilly said...

Death of a Salesman? Ewww! I hated that book with a passion. Macbeth and To Kill a Mocking Bird were my only favourites.