December 29, 2009

I'm Back

First of all I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.

I was supposed to be blogging more over my holiday and somehow that failed horribly. Work has officially taken over my life, and even though I only have a week left of my break, I feel as though it hasn't even started. But that's another post for another day.

I haven't posted at all about Christmas, even though it is my absolute favourite time of the year. I have a few traditions that I love, and it was my every intention to space this post out over several holiday themed blogs, but yeah...that didn;t you get it all at once!

Probably the best Christmas tradition for me is cutting down our tree. We get a real tree every year, and for me it just wouldn't be Christmas without it. I love the whole experience. The whole family drives to the middle of nowhere, in freezing weather to find the perfect tree to cut down and bring home. Once we get it home and set it up and fills the whole house with a pine scent, that despite C's arguments cannot be duplicated by any over the counter spray can.

This is a picture from this years hunt (that is C's cute bum cutting down our tree). Not enough snow this year, we normally are knee deep in it, making it all the more fun!

Another favourite Christmas tradition would have to be baking. My mom, Sister, mom's best friend and I always do a baking swap. We get together the first or second week of December and bring a pre made treat, as well as a recipe for us to all bake together. It is a lot of work, and normally takes all day but it is always good fun. This year was especially fun because the bestest came over to help me make my pre made recipe.

We made sugar cookies with marshmellow creme in the middle. This recipe is good, but creates a gigantic mess, especially when two girls with limited cooking knowledge attempt it. Despite this it was well worth it, creating a lot of laughs and good memories.

The bestest is also a part of my next tradition. For the past three years we have taken our gift giving to a new level and made it easier. Instead of pouring over lists and stressing over what to give each other, we instead pick a night and go out together to a local mall. We have dinner, window shop, finish some of our other Christmas shopping and finish the evening by buying each other a new sweater (so far either Holister or Abercrombie). We always pay for the other ones sweater (it's not a gift if you buy your own!) but they are always equal value, and it provides us with time to catch up, as well as making the gift part of this season easier. Although the bestest is the bestest, she works and I go to school, so life occasionally gets out f hand and we don't spend as much time together as we would like to or as we probably should, so this is something I look forward to ever year, not just for the sweater (although it is an added bonus) but also to catch up with someone who is immensely important to my life.

I think this post has become long enough, but I will finish with one final Christmas favourite. I LOVE Christmas eve, probably more than Christmas day. I find Christmas becomes so hectic with the visiting, and traveling, cooking, cleaning, ect. that the day is essentially over before you even realize that it began. Christmas Eve on the other hand is more relaxed. I spend every year with C and his family, which is much smaller than mine. They have a smaller dinner, which is normally over by early evening, leaving C and I the rest of the night to be together.

Anyways thats enough for now. I can't promise I will post again before, so I will wish you all a Happy New Year now, just in case.

I would also love to hear some of your favourite traditions

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Christine said...

I love christmas cutout cookies! Well I don't actually enjoy sugar cookies but I love to make and decorate them. It is something my mom used to have to force my sister and I do to when we were really little but not it's just not christmas without them!