November 24, 2009

Wifely Duties

It has been forever since I last blogged! I apologize, school is starting to catch up with me, bring on Christmas Break!

I have so many blogs running through my head right now, so I think I'm going to break them up, hopefully blog a little bit more!

I'm going to start with New Moon. I have seen it, but I'm not going to write an entire blog about it. From what I have seen recently, everyone has blogged about it, so you, like me, have already gotten major plot points, problems, excitement or any other major emotion that those that saw it have felt, I don't think you all need to read anymore. So I leave you with my opinion that the movie was amazing, so much better than the first one and definitely worth seeing.

Moving on.....The topic of this blog has been running through my head for about a week now, waiting for me to find the time to actually write it.

With my upcoming wedding getting closer (less than 1000 days now!) I have been thinking a lot about wifely tasks, specifically those I cannot do.

I can't cook. I'm not even going to try to skirt around the topic, I literally cannot cook. Dinner to me is typically KD, maybe I'll get ambitious and make myself eggs or grilled cheese. C is the cook, typically picking me up from school, take me back to his place and come up with something for us to eat. This is backwards, I SHOULD be able to cook.

Last week, C picked me up from school, and I figured the night would be as usual with him making dinner. It started this way, he got out all the stuff and turned on the over, I sat in my chair with my book and waited to be spoiled with whatever yummy thing he was making. AND THEN......he finds that something has gone bad in the fridge and immediately turns into OCD "C" determined to fully clean out the fridge and find the problem. He is cleaning and cleaning, and there I am, sitting nervously on my chair, looking at the evil oven which is slowly burning my dinner.

This is where I developed a small accomplishment, and actually took over! Now as a side note: I'm not implying here that I managed to created a gourmet, five star meal. I mean lets be honest, on this particular night we were eating sausage rolls, mozzarella sticks and rice (microwaveable) but that is not the point. The POINT is that I actually managed to take over dinner, finish it, and manage to serve food that was eatable, while not burning the apartment down. Point for me! Granted, I did SLIGHTLY burn the sausage rolls on one side, but I flipped them all over, only showing the pretty golden brown, perfectly cooked side, and hoped he wouldn't notice.

Anyways, the point of this blog is that I really think this is a problem. C is joining the RCMP, and I'm figuring he is not going to always be home to cook for me and I cannot raise our children on KD and the occasional grilled cheese, that's just not healthy. Sp here is my blogger promise, I am going to learn to cook!

And I'm asking for your help. Do you cook? Any recipe's (go easy people please, I'm a work in progress) that you'd like to share?


Stacy Marie said...

I boil whole wheat noodles, add a tablespoon or so of butter, parmesan cheese and then add zucchinni or broccoli that I've steamed. So easy, like grown up mac n chz and healthy with the veggies!

Ella Everywhere said...

I make spaghetti from scratch. Just throw in ground beef, tomato sauce and then whatever veggies and spices you like and just let it cook for like 20 minutes. Super easy, and you know I don't cook either.

canuckitude said...

Way to make me feel special! Seriously, the one night I half ass it in the kitchen (Sausage Rolls/Mozzarella sticks, you have to go and write about it! :P j/k

I actually like to cook, so don't feel TOO bad... But it would be nice to know my children won't be eating at McDonalds or eating processed cheese night in and night out.

I'll get you a cook book for Xmas, maybe it'll do you some good! :) In your defense, you do help me sometimes... like with the chimichanga's! Those bad boys don't roll themselves!