August 19, 2009

Wedding Stuff

So lets talk wedding!!

I am getting married May 26th, 2012 and of course I am super excited and have begun planning already. I have been told that this is ridiculous as the wedding is three years away and I have "lots of time," but I believe I have valid reasons for beginning my plans so early.

First, I'll repeat, I am SUPER excited, and have talked nothing but we
ddings since I got engaged in January. I believe some of my bridesmaids may be contemplating killing me if they have to hear the words wedding, venue or dresses one more time. But anyways, I have been hypothetically planning this wedding in my head for as long as I can remember. So now that I'm allowed to actually plan a wedding I can't wait to start. So I have.

Secondly: Because I have been thinking about this wedding for so long, I have pretty specific demands, such as the venue, and I want to make sure I can have exactly what I want without much compromise.

Third: C is joining the RCMP and will be going to Saskatchewan within the next couple of months and will be gone for 6 months. Because C is very concerned about my spending habits, he wants to be very involved in the planning of this wedding, and wants to definitely have a say in our church and our venue, so I need to decide where those are going to be before he leaves.

So yes, planning three years in advance has just been fully justified.

So C, My mother, my MOH, and I have spent the better part of August researching different venues, and have actually made appointments to see three out of the seven that we are interested in, one of which I will not blog about because I was not impressed at all.

But the other two......

....I did exactly what C told me not to do and fell completely in love with both of them and am now torn.

The first is Woodington Lakes, which we went to see two weeks ago. Here are some pics:

They have Swans, an obvious plus!

View from the outside, across the

View from the entrance, looking into the reception hall

I should also point out that this was C's number one pick, although I'm not entirely sure that he was as sold as I was when he viewed it in person. Either way, I loved the scenery, room, wedding co-coordinator and everything else that this venue included, especially the option of fireworks! But then today happened.....

...we went to The Royal Ambassador, which was my first choice. Again some pics:

C and I

Me dressed up ready to go



So, just as pretty, and probably a little bit more expensive, but again I'm in love. C says I can have it but wants me to cut our list....dramatically. And I won't be allowed to have fireworks......

So what do you guys think???

I like them both!


Ella Everywhere said...

You look adorable all dressed up

Leanne said...

:) Thank You!