August 17, 2009


So the fiance and I just got back from camping with another couple.

Before I get into the details I think I should point out that I in no way claim to be an avid camper or outdoors person. To be quite honest, I suggest camping every year, and every year we go, and every year I learn why I wanted to come home so badly the last time. Don't get me wrong, I did have fun, but I am not meant to sleep on an air mattress, or go without showers, it's just not in me.

Anyways, we left on Friday, and began with C and I having the normal camping arguments, which typically revolve around me packing too much. And I do pack to much, I'll admit it. But this all goes back to me not being a good camper. I take everything with me. This includes full makeup, hair products, skin care products, hair dryer and straightener, a couple pairs of shoes and half my wardrobe...just in case. This drives the fiance crazy. This year I took 4 sweaters for four days, two zip up and two hoodies, and let me tell you when he found out he was not impressed. Anyways, we survived and he got over it.

I also decided that I was going to get a tan this weekend because this summer has been crappy and I haven't been able to yet. We went to Turkey Point, which is just outside of Port Dover and is right on Lake Eerie, so we had a beautiful beach to relax on. Unfortunately, because I was SO determined to tan, I refused to put suntan lotion on, despite the fiance's constant pleading. I was convinced I wouldn't burn and would tan nicely and be happy. I was wrong, he was right. I am burnt and in quite a bit of pain at the moment. This mixed in with the 20 bug bits I have all over my body and the exhaustion from the lack of sleep has reminded me once again that I am a city girl, who is not made out to "rough it." So lesson learned? I have to be honest and say probably not. Next year around this time I will most likely be trying to convince C to take me camping making the claims that it is so fun! Ah well, I guess that's life.

In other news, we have recently been venturing out and looking at venues for our wedding. I'm not going to say much about it now because I think this post is long enough, but we have already gone to see C's number one choice, and we are going to go and see mine on Wednesday, so I will post more then!

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Ella Everywhere said...

I overpack too don't worry, I think its a girl thing. Guys don't realize it takes effort and beauty products to look the way we do - even in a tent!

OOH venue planning - that's exciting! :)