August 12, 2009


So where to begin?

I guess I'll start by mentioning that I am extremely new to this whole blogging thing and am still a little unsure about it. This can probably be attributed to one of the following.

a) Although I am currently enrolled in the English and Professional Writing program at York University, I am still very self conscious about my own writing and rarely, if ever, let anyone read anything that I have written.


b) I am doubtful that I have anything relevant or interesting enough to say about my life that would make people want to read what I have written.

Despite both of these things, I have several friends that have gotten into blogging, and have suggested that I try it. So here I am, giving it a shot... I guess we will see what happens!

So a little about me:

The biggest trait that I have is that I absolutely LOVE to shop. I can spend an entire day in a mall and find about a million things that I want to buy and then randomly and quickly find about 10 reasons why I need to have it. This has resulted in my bedroom becoming overloaded with useless crap that I don't need, a closet that I fight with, constantly when trying to put clothes in it and a fiance that has taken an active interest in my spending habits, especially when it concerns our upcoming wedding.

Speaking of my wedding, it is probably the biggest topic that this blog will revolve around. I have been engaged for just over 6 months to my wonderful fiance who swept me off my feet almost 8 years ago, and continues to surprise me almost daily. I will refer to him as "C." Since "C" and I got engaged, I have become obsessed with everything wedding. I think this is not only driving him crazy, but also all six of my bridesmaids. So I apologize ahead of time to anyone else that reads this for my endless rantings about venues, dresses, cakes and budgets (which have become quite an issue in wedding plans as I don't exactly work well with budgets and tend to forget they even exist... "C" doesn't exactly love this particular trait and is trying to push for "numbers".... something I'm not ready to give).

Anyways, I will cease rambling about the wedding for now and by just saying that I am pretty much a typical girl. I love purses, shoes, clothes and am anxious to finish school and move on with my future plans.

And that is pretty much it for tonight.


canuckitude said...

Good stuff... I guess I'm the auditor... "Corporate" sent me in to monitor your spending! :P

I look forward to reading about you in a different perspective

Pinkbilly said...

Awesome!!! This blog just shows me how good of a writer you are :) Keep it up!

Ella Everywhere said...

I have to admit I was a bit surprised to see a new follower, but I think its great, and you are a brilliant writer! I find blogging good stress relief sometimes as well as a very time consuming habit just like facebook :)