September 10, 2009

This is what I do when the Fiance tells me to be productive.....

So it is my last official day of summer. Tomorrow I go back to York University, and back to the day to day stress of school. I'm actually kind of excited. I'm the type of person that needs to be busy or else I go completely stir crazy, and being stuck at home with nothing to do doesn't help. So I believe I was driving the fiance crazy with the endless text messages while he was at work, so he told me to do something productive with my last day off, and here we are!

So I figure lets give an update on my oh so interesting life since the last time I blogged.....

I believe we can start with the birthdays! My birthday was the 28th of August and I turned 24 and the fiance turned 26 on the 31st, so it was a bit crazy but lots of fun. He got me Britney Spears tickets as a end of school/birthday present so we went there on the 20th. On a side note, I LOVE Britney Spears! She reminds me of my highschool years, and I think she really gets the raw end of the deal with the media and such. But yeah, I love her and I'm not afraid to admit it. So the concert was slightly out of town and we had to drive there, and of course, the concert falls on the one day where tornado's decide to land in various places all over the GTA. I'm Canadian, I'm not accostomed to things like tornado's, so naturally, this scares the crap out of me. I did not get the pleasure of seeing an actual tornado, but we were driving in the biggest thunder storm I have ever been in my life.

The above picture is out of the fiance's car window on the drive up, at about 5:30 in the evening. So yeah, despite the fact that the fiance insists that he is a good driver and that we were perfectly fine, I was terrified. But in any case we survived, I got to see Britney (which was AMAZING by the way....well worth the money that fiance paid to take me!)

Next were the family parties, a must in both of our families. On my actual birthday "C" came over and brought me pretty flowers..........and then took me shopping (spending more money) and then back to my house for BBQ and cake, not really all that interesting or worth writing about. Saturday was the exhibition, a tradition for our birthdays with the fiance's family. Again lots of fun, but not overly interesting.

Last Sunday was the friends birthday party (we did it on a Sunday because Monday is a holiday here). So we had people over for a BBQ and then went to a club afterward. My friends, being the loving people that they are proceeded to get me smashed, which is not difficult because I don't drink well. Anyways it was a fun night of drinking and dancing. nd of course, I got presents (are you getting that I LOVE to get presents?) Not going to show them all but here is what my bestest bought for me:

Hence why she is the bestest!

Anyways, I guess this has wasted enough of my day and I should probably find something actually productive to do on my last day off!