January 6, 2011

I'm over it....kinda..not really

If you know me, you know I'm a major hockey fan. I especially love to watch the junior championship every Christmas, this year being no exception. 

Last night, during the gold medal game between Canada and Russia, I had to work. So I set up a system in which both C and my mom were sending me constant game updates by text (my mom was enlisted as a backup just in case C fell through). By the time I left at 9 all was going well and Canada was up 3-0. 

Then it all turned bad. It's still very new, and difficult to talk about. I excitedly got home in time for the third period, in order to watch my team totally choke and give up 5 goals to Russia in a 20 minute period. Devastating. 

I will admit, last night I was not the best sport. There were a tone of bad words, pouting, yelling and making some not nice statements. After a good nights sleep and some much needed reflection I have decided that I can be mature enough to congratulate Russia for probably the best comeback that Junior hockey has ever seen. So congrats! 

I'm over it. Moving on. The truth is Russia had an awesome third period and outplayed a team who was possibly a little to confident. Sad but true. Either way, Canada has something to be proud of. Those kids played an excellent tournament and silver is nothing to be ashamed of (trying to convince myself that it's not a loss..)

There's always next year!   


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