October 29, 2009

I'm a Problem Solver!

I have labeled myself the Halloween Scrooge. I have never been a particular fan of this holiday, even as a kid, dressing up wasn't my favourite thing to do. I would always pick the prettiest princess dress or fairy costume (no I never went as something scary, I was almost always a princess) and the excitement would begin. Then it would become apparent that I live in Canada, and Halloween is in October. Cue my mother forcing my beautiful princess dress, over a snow suit. Not exactly the vision on Cinderella that I had in mind when the costume was bought. So anyways, Halloween, not exactly my cup of tea, but this year I have been particularly bad.

My best friend always has a Halloween party, which typically ends up getting pretty crazy, and costumes are always mandatory. Years before this I would complain slightly to the fiancee, but in the end relent, buy the costume and pretend to be happy about it. This year I took a different route. I tried everything from refusing to dress up (I'm going as nothing, I told them), to putting off costume hunting to the last possible minute, to being absolutely miserable. Can you believe nothing worked?!? They didn't give in and insisted I dress up, even if it meant I would be impossible to live with. So Tuesday fiance decides we're going costume hunting (cue enthusiastic YAY!). So after being at school all day, he picks me up and the hunting commences. I'm going to be honest, I did not go out of my way to make this fun. I whined (a lot), I complained about the ridiculous prices and insisted that I refused to pay them, I got mad at the store for having a fog machine (why am I walking through fog? I can't see the costumes? How can I spend $60.00 on a costume when I can't see them?), and refused a few more times stating that I wasn't buying a costume period. So needless to say, after three stores, fiance was getting annoyed.

This is when my idea came to me!

My biggest issue with this whole costume thing was the fact that I was being forced to spend money (at least $60.00) on something I really didn't want, need and would probably only end up wearing once. Then I found these:

These are cute, practical, and could obviously be worn again, and they were only $50.00! Problem solved! Take my costume money and buy these very cute boots, and go as a cowgirl :). It's simple...... jean skirt, tank top, some kind of dress shirt tied at the waste and new very cute boots....done! Now everyone's happy, I'm dressing up and not being entirely miserable about it making fiance and friends happy. I got new boots and didn't have to buy some stupid uncomfortable costume, me happy.

I'm a genius!


Tia said...

those boots are ADORABLE.

canuckitude said...

Boots made for walking! :P See, Halloween can be fun when you get creative!

Now blog more :) I even blogged today!