October 11, 2009


First and foremost Happy Thanksgiving to all those fellow Canadians out there!

I'm not going to lie, I am a complete summer girl. I love flip flops, cute dresses, skirts, tank tops and ballet flats more than anything else. I could spend hours laying on a beach in the sun working on my "tan," reading a book or just simply relaxing. But I live in Canada and therefore, unfortunately, have to endure three other seasons. So I guess if I need to pick a second favourite I would go with fall. Here's why....

I LOVE the colours. I will admit to getting extremely excited when I notice the the trees are starting to change and the world is transformed into different shades of red, orange and yellow. I have taken particular notice of the trees this year due to my upcoming engagement pictures.

As much as I love my flip flops and ballet flats, I'm also quite partial to boots (I'm not going to lie, I pretty much like shoes in general). I enjoy making new fall outfits, with cute sweaters, boots and scarves.

The T.V becomes amazing! This year is no exception. I feel like I can't make plans to do anything because I'm going to miss some particular show, and that's just not o.k. Some of my addictions this season include Eastwick, Flashforward, Vampire Diaries, Ghost Whisperer and Medium (the last two are oldies but definitely goodies!).

And I guess I should include Halloween in this list. The fiance LOVES Halloween, and every year it's a major ordeal about what we are dressing up us, what we are doing and how we are decorating. I have too admit, Halloween is not my favourite in the world. I'm more of a Christmas person. But seeing "C" get sooo excited and child like every year is kind of fun!

I guess that's it for now!

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browneyedgirl said...

I love fall for the same reasons you do :) and I've always loved Christmas over Halloween too, so don't feel too bad!