February 5, 2010


So my random fact for today is my childish addiction to Disney.

I love anything Disney. Books, movies, memorabilia....anything. I am 24 years old and I still get excited about going into the Disney stores. I want to buy all of the new movies that come out of the vault, even if they are ridiculously priced. And I will sit an watch all of the movies (old or new) with my 5 year old niece...as many times as she wants.

I like them all, but I would have to say my favourite is Beauty and the Beast. I watched the movie a million times, and went to the play....twice....at two different locations.

And seeing as these conform to my Disney post:

How cute are these? This is the whole Snow White set from Swarovski Crystal.

I'm in love.


browneyedgirl said...

OMG! I LOVE the Snow White Swarovski figures! I've seen them in store a few times, and I just wish I had the money for them. Snow White has always been my favourite story!

Pinkbilly said...

Snow White is my favourite too :) Its always been Snow White and Bambi for me.

Leanne said...

They have Bambi ones too! You should look at the website and then talk to that boyfriend of yours lol.

canuckitude said...

....waste of money. Can't you want to blow money on a worth while collection/hobby such as Comic Books? :P