January 22, 2010

I forgot it's Friday!

So you guys get two posts in one day.

My random fact for today is concerning books that have movie covers on them.

This drives me crazy.

The book is not based on the film, the film is based on the book. So I have no clue why publishers insist on a mass reprint of books with the actors faces plastered all over them. Its a waste of money.

This has been brought on by my current search for "The Lovely Bones." I saw the movie, and I have to admit I was not overly impressed. It was decent, but rather out there for my liking. So since I normally do not go to movies without reading the book first (I broke my rule because C and my brothers girlfriend wanted to see it so badly), I decided that I was going to leave my final judgment of the movie until after I read the book. On Wednesday I went to my local chapters, looking for the book, and of course I find that all of them have the cover for the movie AND were a good $5.00 more expensive just because of this. I didn't buy the book (I did buy four other books...different post for a different day).

Anyways, my random fact for the day is that books that are republished to incorporate the movie poster on their cover puts me into an illogical rage for some unknown reason.

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browneyedgirl said...

I'm not the biggest fan of movie posters on the books either. I don't get it, it just wastes more money. Plus, like you said, it costs more which sucks for us.