April 2, 2012

A DIY Fail

You will remember a few months ago I posted about how much I wanted these

For myself and my bridesmaids on the morning of the wedding. I have researched and researched and they are so expensive.

SO the bestest and I have started a weekly crafting/pilates night to actually complete all of the random crafts we both pin on Pinterest, and we decided to make this our project a few weeks ago. We Googled tutorials and found plenty that promised this was an easy craft, fully fooling ourselves that it was doable.

We ran out and got all of the tools

and began twisting and forming the wires just like the tutorials said...which resulted in this disaster

Granted the bestest was a but better than me...

...she at least got a full word before she gave up.

Needless to say these have been properly disposed off.

My crafting lessons for the week:

* Just because a tutorial swears that something is easy, does not mean that it is
* Bending wire is probably the most frustrating task on earth
* When new to crafting start with a simple, fool proof task for the sake of your own confidence
* ALWAYS but just enough for a test
* Sometimes buying it from a qualified professional is the better option


Nicole said...

The qualified professional probably does it with a machine....

Lindsay said...

Bah ha ha ha ha....

I totally had this on my list of wedding to-do's and then decided to forget about it! After reading this I'm glad I didnt! :-)

Nice attempt though! xo