May 26, 2011

Remember Me?

Hey All

So this blog has taken a back seat to um.....everything else. I figured when I was done school I would have tons of time to blog my heart out about every miniscule detail happening in my life. As it turns out life has taken over, and now that I spend the better better of 8 hours, Monday to Friday on a computer, the last thing I want to do when I'm done is go on a computer.

This being said, I have missed my little blog. I spent 4 years in University, enrolled in a writing program in which essays and deadlines were pretty much a given for my everyday life. When I was done I relished in the fact that I no longer HAD to write. Unfortunately this promptly turned into me not writing at all and I don't believe I have written a word since my finals almost two months ago. Very sad, and something I need to fix.

I'm starting to think that this may have also contributed to some health issues of recent. I have been struggling for about a month now with my hair falling out. It comes out in clumps after I shower, and has been the result of many hysterical breakdowns during the getting ready process. I have visited my doctor several times....his opinion....go on vacation and reduce stress. Easy to say for someone who isn't working full time, planning a wedding and makes an easy 6 figures....thanks buddy... So here's hoping that getting back to releasing my frustration in the blog world will be helpful for my stress levels, seeing as I really don't have the money to go on the Caribbean cruise that my loving doctor prescribed.

There has also been some progress on the wedding front (a day that is exactly one year from today....yes I am resisting the levels of panic that arise when I think about this). I have a few things that I'm currently working on, and hope to diligently post about, but probably most exciting is the bridesmaid dresses.

I knew from the beginning that I wanted cute, short dresses. I'm getting married at the end of May and am desperately hoping for nice, warm spring/summery weather, so I want my girls to be comfortable and able to wear the dresses more than once. I started the process by taking my sister (and MOH) out to just get a feel for what I was looking for, and we actually found the perfect dress. After some e-mails back and forth with my awesome bridal party, it was done. I am waiting for one more girl to get measured and then the dresses will be ordered. Very excited to have this crossed off the list.

I ordered the dress in Fresh Blue (a fancy word for navy?) and the designer is Alexia. I love them, and from what I can see my girls are happy which makes it even better.

That's it for now. Hopefully it won't be two months before you hear from me again!


Ella Everywhere said...

I <3 the dress!

Miss Chelsea said...

I hope you're feeling much less stressed!